Media Log

The gist: build a simple website to keep track of shows you've watched or books you've read.

I love keeping track of the books and movies I've watched. Sure, there are sites like Letterboxd and Goodreads to keep track of them, and they have all kinds of information and covers and such. But who needs all that?

For this project, build out a website to keep track of media you've finished. You could have a list of games you played, books you've read, your favorite albums, movies you've watched.

Would a table be nice for rendering columnar data like when you finished it, your rating, the author, etc.? Or maybe just a simple list?


Here's what a basic website utilizing lists of read books could look like:

Screenshot of a book log, including a title, subtitle/description, and lists of books currently being read and that have been read in the current year

Extra Credit

  • Try out different approaches to layout to see what's most pleasant.
  • Make the website a web application so that you can manage the list of media dynamically.