What's something you absolutely love? The thing you know every single little detail about? The thing you won't stop talking to your friends about?

Take that idea and make a fansite. The fansite can be as complex or simple as you want it to be. Whether you code it by hand or use a static site generator, it's totally up to you. But the nice thing about a fansite is that you can build it and it can be done and exist. Sure, maybe you could update it from time to time, or you could just let it exist and share it with the world.

A fansite is the first thing I ever made on the web. When I was a teen, I used Geocities to make a fansite for the Trigun anime series, a show I was particularly obsessed with at the time. That was my first exposure to building websites, and I haven't stopped since. There's a real joy to writing about something you love.

A great fansite makes use of text and images and even videos. What sets it apart from something like Wikipedia is that it's about your fandom, not the facts. Write about what the thing means to you and how it has impacted you. Share your stories and thoughts.

Things I want to make fansites for:

  • Bright Eyes / Conor Oberst — my favorite band! I'd review each album and write about why I love his music so much
  • Twin Peaks — my favorite show! I guess maybe even just a David Lynch fansite would do
  • Haruki Murakami — my favorite author! I've read most of his books, and I'd be happy to write about him and what they mean to me


The GBVSongbook — fansite for Guided By Voices song tabs

GBVSongbook screenshot

Distant Skies — a Crystalis game fansite

Distant Skies screenshot

Other examples: