Personal Home Page

Want to make a website for yourself on the web? Well, build out a home page. It'll be your own little space where you can put whatever you want. Even in the era of social media, it's nice to have a place where you can have full control and experiment.

Ideas for what to share on your home page:

  • Projects you've completed or are working on
  • Photos you've taken
  • Creative writing
  • Résumé, if that's something you want to share

You can make your home page as simple or complex as you want. That's the joy of it. It can be one page, a couple pages, or hundreds.

Reference — this is my home page! I've maintained it for over a decade, and it's a beloved archive of what I've been working on over the years.

screenshot of from September 2022

Other home pages:

  • — my mentor's home page where he shares his music, writing, and more