The gist: build a game where you move a snake around a field eating apples. The snake grows with each apple eaten. And if the snake collides with itself, its game over.

Snake is great introduction to tile-based gameplay. It's got short play sessions, simple rules, and is quite replayable. I remember playing it on my mom's Nokia smartphone in the car when I was a kid and continually having a blast.


The graphics can be as simple as a square for the snake's parts and the apples. Here's a snake clone I made:

Screenshot of game depicting a blue snake moving on a green field approaching a red apple


  • Snake head moves around field automatically
  • Loops back to the other side when it goes off screen
  • Arrow keys change the movement direction and the rest of the body follows
  • Apples spawn randomly on the field
  • When snake head overlaps with apple, the apple disappears and the snake grows a new part
  • When the snake's head collides with any part of its body, the game is over
  • Allow the player to restart


  • Tile-based movement
  • Random spawning
  • Collision detection
  • Increased difficulty

Extra Credit

  • Keep track of parts grown and display at the end
  • Keep track of high score
  • Increase the snake's movement speed the longer it gets (more apples = more energy = more speed)
  • Add music and sound effects