Conventional Committer

The gist: build a CLI for authoring Git commits that follow the Conventional Commits spec.

If you use the Conventional Commits spec for Git commits, it'd be nice to have a command you could run for easily creating commits that follows that guide. It could be a TUI or just a CLI.


Run the command with:

$ gcommit

That would open an interactive prompt for entering in the data.


  • Command for creating a commit, command could even be called gcommit or whatever
  • Have flags for or ask for:
    • type
    • scope (optional)
    • description — concise
    • body (optional)
    • footer (optional)
  • If the required type and description aren't present, error
  • If everything's there, create the Git commit

Extra Credit

  • Configurable, per-repo types that are allowed
  • Configurable input for custom body & footer data, like maybe each commit needs an issue ID or URL


This is a great project for an easily distributable binary that can run on any platform regardless of the ecosystem and language a person or team uses. Just like Git can be installed and used for a project with any programming language, so should this tool!


  • commitlint — similar tool distributed through npm