Story Publishing Platform

The gist: build an application that allows writers to publish their stories online.

As a writer of all sorts of words, from short stories to novels to poems, I'd love an open platform and community for sharing my stories online. This is also a great project for learning because it's got similar needs to a blogging platform but a bit more complex.

I also think a community-supported, ad-free, open-source platform for something like this could thrive!

I call this idea StoryHub.


StoryHub mobile mock-ups. First view: create story form, with "Create Story" heading, inputs for title, description and publishing status, and a "Create" button. Second view: list of chapters with links and an edit button for each, plus an "Add Chapter" button. Third view: chapter form, with title and body inputs, plus a "Save Chapter" button. Fourth view: public view, with title, author, read status and list of chapter links. Fifth view: single chapter, with story title, chapter title, body and link to next chapter


Even if the accounts are the same, I think there are two distinct use cases here. One for the writer who publishes stories. And one for the reader experience.


  • Create books
    • Title
    • Description
  • Add chapters to a story (and edit and delete)
    • Title
    • Body of Markdown


  • Read stories
  • Navigate between chapters

Thoughts on Tech

I really think this project would benefit from being driven by an API and being built with the idea of supporting multiple clients. Reading on a mobile device with an app is a great experience. As can reading on the web. I'd build this with a GraphQL API.

Because the UI needs are ultimately pretty simple (centered around rendering long-form text), it could also be a good project for experimenting with tools like React Native, Ionic, etc.

Extra Credit

  • Image upload for a book
  • User photos
  • Support additional metadata for a story (tags could be nice, license too)
  • Reorder chapters
  • Generate RSS feeds for a given book and author
  • Easily export epub and PDF versions of stories
  • Reader account feeds
    • Follow stories and/or authors
    • Feed of new chapters for followed stories
  • Mobile apps for reading (and even authoring)
  • Tipping support or Patreon integration


  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Content authoring and publishing
  • Content-driven UI


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