Client App

The gist: build out a graphical interface for reading and rendering data from a public API.

Whether building a desktop app, a native app, or a web app, a really common need is being able to fetch data from an HTTP API and render that data.


To continue with the Guided By Voices discography example from the Read-Only API project, the client app would render the album details and allow the songs to be viewed. Here's a mock-up of what that could be like:

GBV album mobile mock-ups. First view: "GBV Albums" heading followed by a two-column grid of cover art, album titles and release years. Second view: back button, album title heading, larger cover art, release year, and numbered track list


  • Stand-up your GUI app
  • Fetch data from the API
  • Render it!



  • Consuming an HTTP API
  • Data-driven UI
  • Translating API data into data structures in your client language


  • An app that fetches images for a given Subreddit and allows for easy viewing, like an r/cute viewer.

Technologies of Interest

  • Any web component framework like Svelte, React (Next.js in particular), Lit, Stencil, Vue, etc.
  • gtk-rs for building a desktop GUI
  • Flutter with Dart
  • Swift for Apple platforms

Extra Credit

  • Cache (store) the results locally so the application can work offline
  • Make your UI handle long strings nicely, this is a common issue

See Also

  • Read-Only API — building out an API that could be consumed
  • API Wrapper — writing a wrapper for an API (your API if you want) to make it easier to work with