Uptime Checker

The gist: build an app that allows a user to enter a URL for the app to check periodically to ensure it responds with a successful 2XX response; if not, email the user.

You know what stinks? When your websites or web apps go down. So let's build a web app that tells us when that happens. This project is pretty straightforward and has aspects different from other content-manage-y apps.

I'd probably call this project Watchpup! 🐶


  • Authentication (sign up, log in, log out)
  • Add websites to check with a name and URL
  • Check the website shared for a 200 response every 30 mins (can be less or more frequent)
  • Log successful and unsuccessful checks so it's clear whether or not a check ran and how it went
  • If the website is down, email the user the site is down


  • Periodic job running
  • HTTP requests

Extra Credit

  • Configurable frequency for checking