The gist: A web app and/or API for adding products across various online shops to a common wishlist.

I've done a little online shopping in my life! I've done a little online window shopping too. I like saving things I'm interested in and coming back to it later to see if I'm still interested. But I don't have a good way to maintain that list and mark items as purchased across any given website. Enter: WishIt! ✨

Okay, that's kind of a silly name. But naming all of these projects is no easy task.


Here's what the interface could look like:

WishIt mobile mock-up. App title/logo at the top, product URL field with "Add" button below, followed by a list of added items, each with a link, delete button and purchased button

As you can see, it's pretty simple to start, which is nice. It's the fetching the data from the web page that's a bit more of a challenge with this project.


  • You'll need authentication for this (or just store data in this.localStorage)
  • Have a simple form for entering URL to add it to the wishlist
  • Validate the URL
  • Parse the title from the web page of the URL for the item's name
  • Save the item to the user's wishlist
  • Allow items to be:
    • Marked as purchased
    • Deleted


  • Crawling a web page
  • A todo app that isn't a todo app

Extra Credit

  • Parse out additional info like the title, photo, price, and description from the URL
    • Supporting this for any given website can be challenging, so pick one or two to start
    • Some pages might have Open Graph tags for products, which would make this a lot easier, reference
  • Build out a browser extension that takes the current URL and submits it to the current user's WishIt ✨