General Graphical Apps

The following projects are apps that require a graphical user interface (GUI). They're platform agnostic, so whether you want to build an app for Android phones or Linux desktops, hopefully you'll find something to dig into.

While you could certainly build web applications for these projects, there's something different about building desktop and mobile apps that's appealing.

Technologies of Interest

  • Swift UI — for building apps for Apple devices
  • gtk — cross-platform desktop app toolkit with support for many language bindings
    • gtk-rs — Rust library for building cross-platform desktop GUIs with GTK4
    • Vala — a newer language for building apps with GTK
  • Flutter — cross-platform app building library in Dart from Google
  • React Native — build mobile apps using React components
  • Ionic — a mobile SDK that uses web components
  • Electron — build desktop apps using web technologies
  • Xamarin — cross-platform apps built with .NET and C#
  • Kotlin — Android development
  • Qt — cross-platform app toolkit, seems a bit enterprise-y