Web Comic Platform

The gist: build a web app that makes it easy to upload, share, and read the pages of a web comic.

Web comic creators often create the pages of their comic and then publish them online one page at a time. Maybe they publish them in batches or have a vertically scrolling comic with multiple images. Wordpress with a plugin has been a long-standing way to handle this, but like a lot of Wordpress plugins, it feels pretty tacked on.

The idea here is to build an publishing platform specifically tailored to those making web comics by making it easy to have multiple comics, each with many posts, which contain the images of the comic.


Really similar to Blogging Platform but support uploading and associating multiple images with each post.


  • Image hosting
  • Authoring admin
  • Authentication
  • Authorization


  • Sign up for an account
  • Create a series
  • Add posts for a series
  • A post contains one or more images
  • A post contains an optional body of text
  • The images and posts for a series can be edited or deleted
  • Readers can view the posts and read through the series


Extra Credit

  • Generate multiple RSS feeds
    • One for each series
    • One for everything
  • Add support for multiple users for managing comics for a given site
  • Reader account interactivity
    • Could follow series they like
    • Heart posts to show their support

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