Website Builder

The gist: Build out a web app that lets users create simple web pages graphically with no coding knowledge. This allows people to build simple web pages with a variety of content to meet their needs.

This is a complex project with the need for a really rich front-end experience for it to feel smooth. It's a good project for learning a front-end web framework.

Blocks to start with:

  • Header
  • Text with Markdown
  • Image
  • YouTube Embed
  • Button

Ideally blocks would be able to be reordered within a given page.

The selected blocks for the page would get persisted in a database associated with the user's site.

And then, finally, that page would be able to be rendered and viewable in the browser.


Website builder mobile mock-ups. First view: top row with site and platform name; second row with "Add Page" heading and "Save" button; title field; block editor block with title, text and image options; "Add Block" button. Second view: a block has been added after clicking the button. Third view: an image selection input has replaced the top block editor block. Fourth view: rendered page with site name, menu button, page title, image, main content and platform reference


  • Sign up for an account
  • Create a site
  • Add pages
  • Add blocks to pages
  • Public can view pages rendered from the configured blocks


There's so much here!

  • Defining a data model for the blocks, which is decently complex
  • Storing the built pages which have a pretty complex data model
  • Building a complex UI
  • Rendering a complex page from stored data that needs to be processed properly
  • Authentication
  • Authorization

Extra Credit

  • Configurable menus
  • Add more block types
    • Audio
    • Rich text editor
    • List
      • Ordered
      • Unordered
    • Code
    • Contact form
    • Image gallery
    • Other embeds
  • Page visibility like public, draft, password protected


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