Chat App

The gist: build an app that let's two or more people chat with instant messages in a room.

In the days before Slack and Discord there was IRC and AIM for chatting with friends (and strangers too). It was a stable of my time on the computer growing up. I've never built a chat room or instant messaging app before, but I'd like to. There are certain challenges with it, like ordering messages, sending and receiving, and storing all of the data.


Wireframe of a chat program with main area showing text exchanged between users saying hello and the right column showing the users who are online in the #twinpeaks channel


  • Users can join a room with a handle to represent them (a URL or channel name)
  • Users can post messages
  • Messages are persisted
  • Users can read messages already posted


  • Instantaneous, propagated communication
  • Data storage
  • Networking

Extra Credit

  • @handle support to ping someone
  • Multiple rooms