Password Manager

The gist: build an app to generate and manage secure passwords.

Okay! Heads up here. This is obviously a risky one. I probably wouldn't release this as open source unless you're knowledgeable and confident. Maybe keep this one closed source and be wary. Just because wow! There seems like there's some risk here with sensitive info.

Also, I'm not a security or cryptographic expert. So, like, wow! There's a lot to consider here and learn. But that's the point of these.

All right, enough caveats. Do and share your own risk!

But the gist of the idea is to build an app that can do the following:

  • Generate secure password of varying length and complexity
  • Keep track of generated passwords
  • Be able to associate a username, email, URL, etc. for the password
  • Encrypt all the stored info
  • Be able to decrypt to get the data for yourself to use

What you'll learn:

  • UI for creating, managing, and viewing the generated passwords
  • Storing the data
  • Cryptography with securely storing the data so others can't view the data

[screenshot examples] [wireframes]

Technologies for potential exploration:

  • GTK for desktop building
  • Native desktop libraries for Windows and Mac
  • Electron could be good for this I think! Just to learn and experiment and leverage existing web knowledge

Stretch Goals

  • Oh gosh I mean this is basically building out an entire app
  • Browser extension